From 10.10. To 16.10.2008.


Hundredth birthday anniversary of Anna Magnani

Hundredth birthday anniversary of Anna Magnani


Films in cycle

Rome, Open City

(Roma, cittá aperta, 1945)

Directed by: Roberto Rossellini

Shortly before the liberation of Italy in June 1944, began the shooting, in complete secrecy, of one of the first and most important Italian neo-realism films. The screenplay was written during the German occupation. It is about life in Rome when the Germans proclaimed Rome as an “open city”. Some of the characters in this story are: a woman in love with a member of the resistance, a priest who fights the Nazis and a German officer whose lover is Italian.

b/w, 103'
Saturday 11.10.2008 AT 21:00
Friday 10.10.2008 AT 19:00

The Rose Tattoo


Directed by: Daniel Mann
PHOTOGRAPHY: James Wong Howe

Serafina Della Rose is a young Sicilian widow from the American South who cannot get over her husband’s death. Her already weak emotional state gets even worse when she realizes that her husband has cheated on her. Soon she meets an attractive driver, Alvaro… For the role of Serafina Anna Magnani won an Oscar.

DV cam, b/w, 117 min
Saturday 11.10.2008 AT 19:00
Friday 10.10.2008 AT 21:00

Wild Is the Wind


Directed by: George Cukor

Gino (Anthony Quinn), an old widower and rancher from Nevada, brings Gioia (Anna Magnani), his deceased wife’s sister, from Italy in order to marry her. Also at the welcoming party are Gino’s daughter, brother Alberto and Ben, a young man raised by Gino as if he were his own son. Soon after the wedding Gioia feels that Gino only sees his first wife in her and becomes close to Ben. The main song in the film was performed by Johnny Mathis.

35 mm, b/w, 114 min
Tuesday 14.10.2008 AT 21:00
Monday 13.10.2008 AT 19:00

Hell in the City

(Nella citta l'inferno, 1958)

Directed by: Renato Castellani
PHOTOGRAPHY: Leonida Barboni

Anna Magnani and Giulietta Masina play two prisoners in a female prison. Lina is an innocent housewife accused of stealing. Her cell mate is Egle, an experienced prostitute who handles the prison rules perfectly. Suddenly thrown into a world of prostitutes, thieves and murderers, Lina changes completely under Egle’s supervision. However, Egle changes also.

35 mm, b/w, 106 min
Tuesday 14.10.2008 AT 19:00
Monday 13.10.2008 AT 21:00

The Fugitive Kind

(USA, 1960)

Directed by: Sidney Lumet
PHOTOGRAPHY: Boris Kaufman

Valentine Xavier is a drifter who appears one day in a southern town and finds work in a store. His arrival stirs up the local women, all of whom want him for themselves: Lady Torrance, the store owner, whose husband is on his deathbed; Carol Cutrere, an alcoholic nymphomaniac; and housewife Vee Talbot, whose husband is the sheriff.

b/w, 119'
Thursday 16.10.2008 AT 21:00
Wednesday 15.10.2008 AT 19:00

Mamma Roma

(Italy, 1962)

Directed by: Pier Paolo Pasolini
PHOTOGRAPHY: Tonino Delli Colli

The main character in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s second feature film is a prostitute who dreams of a better and calmer life after retirement from her old trade. She has saved up enough money for an apartment and a fruit stand and invites her sixteen-year-old son to come and live with her. Young Ettore has lived in the country far from his mother and she realizes that he is not interested in school or work but only in street life.

b/w, 110'
Thursday 16.10.2008 AT 19:00
Wednesday 15.10.2008 AT 21:00
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