From 03.06. To 04.06.2017.

Program of Indonesian Films Gending Sriwijaya

Program of Indonesian Films

Selection of  Indonesian Films.

Films in cycle

The Song of Sriwijaya

(Gending Sriwijaya, Indonezija, 2013)

Directed by: Hanung Bramantyo
PHOTOGRAPHY: Rahmat Syaiful

This is a historical, adventure and action spectacle that takes place in the 16th century. Three centuries ago, Sriwijaya fell and what remained are several smaller kingdoms that competing for power. Dapunta Hyang Mahawangsa is the leader of one of such kingdoms. He has two sons - Awang Kencana and Purnama Kelana. Old Dapunta choses Purnama for his intelligence, wisdom and vision. Awanga, who relies more on his strength and fighting power, is very disappointed and is preparing his revenge&hellip...

color, digital, 138 min
Saturday 03.06.2017 AT 19:00

Port of Hearts

(Labuan Hati, Indonezija, 2017)

Directed by: Lola Amaria
PHOTOGRAPHY: Sony Seniawan

Three young women arrive to the island Komodo where they are learning to dive with the instructor Mahesa. Ever since she became a mother Bia has not been by the sea as well as dived. Indi is engaged and this will be her last time to dive before marriage. Maria, who works as a tourist guide, also likes to dive. Two years ago her boyfriend left her and she still blames herself. Soon, the women become friends but also there is growing sense of competitiveness in front of Mahesa.

color, digital, 96 min
Saturday 03.06.2017 AT 21:30


(Indonezija, 2016)

Directed by: Harry Dagoe Suharyadi

Otkako ga je majka misteriozno napustila kao petogodišnjaka, Beju se često događaju neobične, misteriozne situacije. Sada, kao odrastao prosi djevojku svojih snova Raisyu, no ubrzo ga optuže za crnu magiju. Istovremeno iz bolnice stiže vijest da mu je baka na samrti iako nema nikakvih znakova bolesti. Kako bi pomogao baki, Bejo pribjegava alternativnim metodama...

color, digital, 95 min
Sunday 04.06.2017 AT 17:00

Kisah 3 titik

(Indonezija, 2013)

Directed by: Bobby Prabowo

This is a story about three women with the same name but with different paths in their lives. Titik Sulastri is a widow whose husband died while she was expecting their second child. Left without any means of support, she finds a minimum-wage job and hides her pregnancy. In a moment of need the manager of the company she works for helps her out. Her name is Titik Dewanti Sari and she is a serious and ambitious women but she lacks self-confidence. Young Titik Kartika has the toughest time; she gr...

color, digital, 104 min
Sunday 04.06.2017 AT 19:00


(Indonezija, 2016)

Directed by: Sahrul Gibran

Glavni likovi filma su samohrana majka i kćer u vrijeme velike ekonomske krize u Jakarti. Nakon smrti supruga i oca nepismena majka teško radeći othranila je kćer i omogućila joj da stekne diplomu iz astronomije na sveučilištu u Oxfordu. Majka je kćerku uvijek zvala lintang lantipili - najsjajnijom zvijezdom na nebu, a to je planet Mars. Film je nastao prema istoimenom romanu pisca Aishworo Ang.

color, digital, 105 min
Sunday 04.06.2017 AT 21:00
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