American honey

feature film, drama, USA, 2016

DIRECTED BY: Andrea Arnold

American honey

Sasha Lane,
Shia LaBeouf,
Riley Keough

Andrea Arnold

Robbie Ryan


This is a dynamic lyrical odyssey about a group of wild adolescents who are travelling the American Midwest and selling magazines door to door. Tired of her hard life, young Star runs away from her dysfunctional family and joins the travelling sales crew. She falls in love with Jake and their misfit way of life fully of parties, breaking the law and constant movement. This is the fourth film by the award-winning British director Andrea Arnold and offers a brave insight into the subculture of young US misfits that was created based on real experiences.

The film won the jury’s award in Cannes in 2016 as well as many other awards at prestigious film festivals. It took the second place on the list of best films of 2016 according to the Sight & Sound magazine.

color, digital, 163 min