5 fingers

feature film, 1952

DIRECTED BY: Joseph Mankiewicz

5 fingers

James Mason (Ulysses Diello / Cicero),
Danielle Darrieux (grofica Anna Staviska),
Michael Rennie (Colin Travers),
Herbert Berghof (poručnik von Richter),
Walter Hampden (Sir Frederic)

Joseph L. Mankiewicz,
Michael Wilson (prema knjizi L.C. Moyzischa)

Norbert Brodine

This spy film is based on a true story about a man who lived during WW II. In 1944, Ulysses Diello is the personal butler of the English ambassador to Turkey. He is capable and well esteemed by his master, which puts him in a perfect position to illegally cash in on his job. Wanting more from life than to be a servant, Ulysses starts to sell secret documents to the Germans.

35 mm, b/w, 108 min