The Woman Next Door

La femme d'a côté, feature film, 1981

DIRECTED BY: François Truffaut

The Woman Next Door

Gérard Depardieu (Bernard Coudray),
Fanny Ardant (Mathilde Bauchard),
Henri Garcin (Philippe Bauchard),
Michele Baumgartner (Arlette Coudray)

François Truffaut,
Suzanne Schiffman,
Jean Aurel

William Lubtchansky

Bernard Coudray is happily married to Arlette and they have a son, Thomas. His life will be turned upside down when Philippe Bauchard and his wife Mathilde move in to their neighborhood. Namely, years ago Bernard and Mathilde had a passionate love affair. Their meeting will ignite their old emotions and they start an affair again…

color, 106 min