A man for all seasons

feature film, drama, Great Britain, 1966

DIRECTED BY: Fred Zinnemann

A man for all seasons

Paul Scofield (Thomas More),
Wendy Hiller (Alice),
Leo McKern (Cromwell),
Robert Shaw (Henry VIII),
Orson Welles (Wolsey)

Robert Bolt (prema vlastitoj drami)

Ted Moore


This is a historical drama from the 16th century focused on Sir Thomas Moore. King Henry VIII wants to divorce his wife Catherine of Aragon in order to marry Anne Boleyn. Since he is a catholic he has to get the permission for divorce from the Pope himself. Moore is a catholic with strict moral standards and is opposed to the king’s request. However, the king is persistent and Moore is in danger due to his rigid moral principles.

The film won 6 Oscars.

color, 35 mm, 120 min