From 23.05. To 02.06.2022.

16. Vox Feminae Festival

16. Vox Feminae Festival

Od 23. svibnja do 2. lipnja ugošćujemo filmski program 16. Vox Feminae Festivala koji slavi žensku povijest i sadašnjost, stvaralaštvo i kreativnost.

Ulaz na ove projekcije je besplatan. 

Ulaz na projekciju filma Čopor pićića (Paula Skelin, Luka Čižmak, 2022) u petak, 27. 5. u 21 sat, moguć je isključivo uz pozivnicu (za rezervaciju se potrebno obratiti na mail:, a nakon projekcije bit će održan razgovor s redateljicom i članicama kolektiva.

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Films in cycle


(Finland, 2020)

Directed by: Zaida Bergroth
PHOTOGRAPHY: Linda Wassberg

The end of WWII in Helsinki brings a new sense of artistic and social freedom. Painter Tove Jansson is enjoying art, dizzying parties and an open relationship with a married man, but her unconventional life puts her at odds with her sculptor father’s strict ideals. Tove’s desire for liberty is put to the test when she falls in love with the theatre director Vivica Bandler. As she struggles with her personal life, her creative endeavours take her in an unexpected direction: the melanc...

color, 103′
Monday 23.05.2022 AT 19:00

Four Verses of Self Pleasure

(Mojarse en cuatro versos, Spain, 2021)

Directed by: Heleni Smuha
PHOTOGRAPHY: Virginia Glessi

Seven women and one non binary person – all of different sexual orientations, age categories, and racial heritage – embark on a journey of deeper understanding regarding their relationship with masturbation. The protagonists share personal experiences orally as well as through the practice of writing, allowing them to dig deeper into their memories, emotions and personal transitions regarding a subject that for all of them has been, at some point in their lives, a taboo. The central...

color, 64′
Wednesday 25.05.2022 AT 21:00

Čopor pićića

(Croatia, 2022)

Directed by: Paula Skelin

“Fanny Pack? Imaš ovako: Peder i pederuša. Izravni prijevod na hrvatski: Fanny – pičić. Pack – čopor. Čopor pičiča.” Colinda Evangelista Čopor pičića prati drag kolektiv House of Flamingo na njihovoj prvoj izvedbenoj turneji nakon više od godinu dana izbivanja s pozornica, a koja je objedinila tri grada: Split, Zagreb i Pulu. Kombinacijom snimki s nastupa uživo, dokumentiranih intimnih trenutaka povezivanja u backstageu te ispovjednih i iskrenih...

color, 40′
Friday 27.05.2022 AT 21:00

Lost Women Art – From Impressionism to Abstraction

(Germany, 2021)

Directed by: Susanne Radelhof

Women have always participated in the art world and worked eye-to-eye with their male contemporaries. Together they claimed new paths and caused sensations, but despite this neither their names nor works are known today. Up to this day, women play minor roles in art history and are rarely mentioned as trailblazers of new art styles and tendencies. The consequences are far reaching: on the art market women get paid significantly less, and in museum collections only five percent of works are by fe...

color, 52′
Tuesday 31.05.2022 AT 19:00

My So-Called Selfish Life

(USA, 2021)

Directed by: Therese Shechter

My So-Called Selfish Life is a documentary feature film that explores a subject so deeply embedded in the fabric of our society that we take it for granted as part of the natural order of things: motherhood. As a society, it’s assumed that all women want children, suggesting that it’s inconceivable, so to speak, that a woman might make the choice not to become a mother. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and extremely timely, this film questions the cultural narratives that shape...

color, 78′
Thursday 02.06.2022 AT 19:00
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