From 24.04. To 29.04.2017.

Program of Brazilian Films The Second Mother

Program of Brazilian Films

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The Second Mother

(Que horas ela volta?, 2015)

Directed by: Anna Muylaert
PHOTOGRAPHY: Barbara Alvarez

Middle aged Val has been a live-in nanny and housekeeper in a well-off family in São Paulo for more than ten years. She has managed to achieve financial stability but in return she had to leave her daughter to relatives in northern Brazil. Fabinh, the only son of her employees, Val is like a mother, more than she is a mother to her own daughter Jéssica whom she has not seen for many years. When Jéssica lets her know that she is coming to São Paulo to take a university...

color, digital, 112 min
Tuesday 25.04.2017 AT 19:00
Monday 24.04.2017 AT 19:30

Gonzaga: From Father to Son

(Gonzaga: de prai pra filho, 2012)

Directed by: Breno Silveira
PHOTOGRAPHY: Adrian Teijido

This is a biographical musical drama about the popular Brazilian singer Luiz Gonzaga and his son Gonzaguinho who is successfully following in his father’s footsteps. In this feature film the director skillfully used some real footage and photographs of Luiz’s performances and portrays the musician’s life story from his modest beginnings in northeastern Brazil to his great success that he was not ready for, either professionally or privately. He had many problems in dealing with...

color, digital, 120 min
Wednesday 26.04.2017 AT 19:00
Tuesday 25.04.2017 AT 21:00

Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl

(Bruna Surfistinha, 2011)

Directed by: Marcus Baldini
PHOTOGRAPHY: Marcelo Corpanni

At the age of seventeen Raquel Pacheco dropped out school and left her middle class family that adopted her. Instead of her previous common life, she became a prostitute and decided to write a blog about her experiences and clients. The blog became incredibly popular and she became famous as Bruna The Surfer. Even though she still worked as a prostitute, at the same time she was invited to talk on TV shows and wrote a book about her life. This film is based on her book. Film has both Engli...

color, digital, 109 min
Thursday 27.04.2017 AT 19:00
Wednesday 26.04.2017 AT 21:00

The History of Eternity

(A história da eternidade, 2014)

Directed by: Camilo Cavalcante

The inhabitants of a scorching, dusty village in the Brazilian outback have great expectations. Alfonsina's milestone 15th birthday celebration is approaching, granny Aureliana is looking forward to a visit from her grandson and the deeply sad Querência enjoys a daily serenade. Compellingly staged and bursting with big emotions, this long-anticipated first feature from Cavalcante brings us a story about passion, desire and despair of three women of different ages living in a village in...

color, digital, 121 min
Saturday 29.04.2017 AT 19:00
Thursday 27.04.2017 AT 21:00
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