From 06.07. To 10.07.2022.

Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival 2022

Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival 2022

Od 6. do 10. srpnja ponovno ugošćujemo dio projekcija Fantastic Zagreb Film Festivala.

Ovdje pogledajte raspored projekcija za kino Tuškanac.

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Ulaznice za Fantastic Zagreb se u našem kinu mogu kupiti isključivo za projekcije festivala koje se održavaju u našem kinu, sat prije projekcije filma.

Ulaznice za projekcije FZFF-a na Ljetnoj pozornici Tuškanac se kupuju na toj lokaciji, a ne kod nas. 

Films in cycle

The Day I Found a Girl in the Trash

(Dzien, w którym znalazlem w smieciach dziewczyne, Poland, 2021)

Directed by: Michal Krzywicki
PHOTOGRAPHY: Lukasz Suchocki

The Day... begins in 2026 when felony convicts are subjected to automation. Their heads are shaven and collars are put on their necks, injecting them regularly with the intoxicating substance that numbs their senses and clears their memory ― Vaxina. It’s a story about Simon Hertz ― once an idealist, he now falls into a depressing spiral. He announces his suicide online on his streaming channel on New Year’s Eve 2028/29. One day before the event he finds an abandoned slave-girl named...

color, 95'
Friday 08.07.2022 AT 19:00


(Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens, Germany, 1922)

Directed by: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
PHOTOGRAPHY: Fritz Arno Wagner

This is the first film version of Dracula, brilliantly creepy and full of imaginative expressions never achieved by any director of similar themes. The role of Nosferatu was played by Max Schreck and he became the most ominous (and the ugliest) vampire in film history. It is an interesting fact that this film is not an official adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but rather its direct plagiarism. Stoker’s widow unsuccessfully demanded from the court to ban and destroy this film. But...

b/w, silent, 94'
Saturday 09.07.2022 AT 19:00


(Estonia, 2021)

Directed by: Rasmus Merivoo

When children are left at Grandma's without smartphones they’re bored to tears. That is until Granny finds them loads to do. She also tells them about a magical creature named KRATT that’ll do whatever its master says. When they stumble upon an instruction on how to build one they don’t hesitate. All they have to do now is to buy a soul from the devil…

color, 107'
Sunday 10.07.2022 AT 19:00
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