From 24.01. To 21.02.2023.

Film diagnostics

Film diagnostics

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Balkan spy

(Yugoslavia, 1984)

Directed by: Dušan Kovačević
PHOTOGRAPHY: Božidar Nikolić

Ilija Čvorović is a former Stalinist from Belgrade who spent several years on Goli otok because of his political beliefs. He is married and has a daughter Sonja, and since they need money, he decides to rent out a room to Petar who recently came back from France. The police calls Ilija to an informational interview and he afterwards becomes very suspicious of everything. Soon he becomes totally paranoid and starts to spy on Petar convinced that he is a terrorist and an enemy of the state.

color, 95’
Tuesday 24.01.2023 AT 19:00


(USA, 1997)

Directed by: Andrew Niccol
PHOTOGRAPHY: Slawomir Idziak

color, 106'
Tuesday 21.02.2023 AT 19:00
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