From 09.02. To 02.03.2017.

British Films from the 1980’s

New British Films My Beautiful Laundrette

New British Films

These four films from the program of British films from the 1980’s show how many valuable films that have a very peculiar approach to portraying society and its mentality, have been created within the British cinema.

Films in cycle

The Company of Wolves


Directed by: Neil Jordan

This fantastic horror is a dark version of Little Red Riding Hood featuring motives of growing up and sexual maturation. Young Rosaleen falls asleep and dreams of living in a forest with her father, mother and sister. Soon, her sister gets killed by wolves. While her parents are grieving, Rosaleen visits her grandmother who gives her a red scarf and an advice to beware of strangers. Then she meets an attractive huntsman with whom she makes a wager: he will get a kiss if he arrives to her grandmo...

color, digital, 95 min
Thursday 09.02.2017 AT 19:00

The Hunger


Directed by: Tony Scott
PHOTOGRAPHY: Stephen Goldblatt

Miriam Blaylock is a beautiful rich woman. She is also a vampire who owes her longevity to her lovers, who in return get a promise of eternal life- All of them feed on blood of strangers. Attractive cello player John has been with Miriam for two centuries, but he suddenly starts to notice signs of accelerated aging. He realizes that the promise of eternal life does not mean eternal youth and asks for help from a doctor who specializes in researching ageing.  

color, digital, 97 min
Thursday 16.02.2017 AT 19:00

Stormy Monday


Directed by: Mike Figgis
PHOTOGRAPHY: Roger Deakins

Jazz fan Brendan arrives to Newcastle, where there is a high unemployment rate. He manages to get a job as a janitor in a jazz club owned by Finney. Brendan meets an American girl named Kate who works in a nearby restaurant as a waitress and they fall in love. Soon she overhears a conversation between two shady guys who are planning to pay a visit to Finney and force him to sell his club...

color, digital, 93 min
Thursday 23.02.2017 AT 19:00

My Beautiful Laundrette


Directed by: Stephen Frears
PHOTOGRAPHY: Oliver Stapleton

Omar is a young Englishman of Pakistani origin who lives in London in the 1980’s during Margaret Thatcher’s reign. Omar’s father Hussein used to be a famous leftist journalist in his home country, and now dislikes England and its politics. On the other hand, Omar’s uncle Nasser did well in England and is now a successful entrepreneur. After running a few small errands for his uncle, Omar become a manger of a launderette. He offers a job to his old friend from childhood, t...

color, digital, 97 min
Thursday 02.03.2017 AT 19:00
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