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Portreti: Poetski film Victora Ericea

Portreti: Poetski film Victora Ericea

Uoči projekcije filma Duh košnice (1973) u srijedu, 27. studenog u 19 sati, uvodnu riječ održat će dr. sc. Tomislav Brlek, filmolog.

Svi filmovi imaju hrvatske podnaslove.

Cijena ulaznice 20 kuna, za članove 10 kuna.

Films in cycle

The Spirit of the Beehive

(El espíritu de la colmena, Spain, 1973)

Directed by: Víctor Erice
PHOTOGRAPHY: Luis Cuadrado

In a small Spanish town in 1940, two sisters watch James Whale’s film Frankenstein from 1931. Isabel explains to her younger sister Ana that Frankenstein is actually a ghost who cannot die and afterwards takes her to an abandoned stable claiming that the ghost is in the well. While their father spends time researching bees and their mother writes long letters, naďve Ana decides to find the ghost.

color, 98'
Wednesday 27.11.2019 AT 19:00

The South

(El sur, Spain, France, 1983)

Directed by: Víctor Erice
PHOTOGRAPHY: José Luis Alcaine

Estrella is a teenager who lives in the north of Spain where she moved from the South with her parents as an eight-year-old. Even though she adores her father, unexpected events make her question his mysterious past, emotional distance and constant nostalgia for the South. Estrella gets a chance to learn more about him when her aunt Milagros visits from the South.

color, 95'
Wednesday 27.11.2019 AT 21:00
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