From 01.12. To 08.12.2019.

17th Human Rights Film Festival

All films have both Croatian and English subtitles. Entrance is free. More information about the festival:  

From 29.01. To 10.12.2019.

Short Tuesday

Short Tuesday is a program organized by Croatian Film Association that takes place once a month in Tuškanac and shows domestic and foreign short feature films. Tuesday, 15.10.2019. 21:00 About people and animals: Films of Neozoon collective Several years ago, faced with a lack of a screening venue for short films, including all kinds and sorts (feature, documentary, experimental and animated films), as well as alternative production in general, Croatian Film started a special program de...

From 11.12. To 14.12.2019.

Portreti: Redateljski dvojac Michaela Powella i Emerica Pressburgera

Ticket is 20 kuna, for members 10 kuna.

On 16.12.2019.

Portreti: Suvremeni čileanski film Sebastiana Lelioa

Program ostvaren u suradnji s Veleposlanstvom Republike Čile u Hrvatskoj. Filmovi imaju hrvatske podnaslove. Cijena ulaznice 20 kuna, za članove 10 kuna.

From 17.12. To 18.12.2019.

Kinoteka: Andrija Pivčević

Films are in Croatian and don't have English subtitles.

From 14.12. To 30.12.2019.

Filmski Advent u Tuškancu

All films have Croatian subtitles. Ticket is 20 kuna, for members 10 kuna.

From 15.10. To 31.12.2019.

Filmski kurikulum

Films are in Croatian, without subtitles. Entrance to this program is free.