From 13.03. To 22.03.2017.

Retrospective of films by Branko Ivanda

U ponedjeljak 13. ožujka u 18 sati retrospektivu hrvatskog redatelja Branka Ivande otvara tv film Sestre (1991.) sa sjajnom glumačkom postavom: Alma Prica, Anja Šovagović-Despot, Siniša Popović i Božidar Alić. Slijedi svečano otvaranje te projekcija Ivandina filma prvijenca Gravitacija ili fantastična mladost činovnika Borisa Horvata – koji ostaje zapamćen i po tome što je u njemu prvu glavnu filmsku ulogu odigrao Rade Šerbedžija, a odlično je taj film pro&scaro...

From 20.01. To 31.03.2017.

Music and film

Yearbook Film Evening - 2017

Hrvatski filmski ljetopis (Croatian Film Chronicle), the longest-lived national film magazine that has been publishing knowledgeable and passionate texts on all the aspects of film art for more than 20 years, is proud to announce Film Nights as part of the Croatian Film Association’s Film Programmes. We invite you to the screenings of the classics of Croatian and world cinema centred on the topic of the current issue, followed by a conversation with eminent critics who reveal new perspecti...

From 03.04. To 07.04.2017.

Dani srpskoga filma

"Dani srpskog filma u Tuškancu važna su dopuna slici srpskog filma koji stiže na naš repertoar, a ta je kinematografija neusporedivo poticajnija no što se to da naslutiti po programu domaćih multipleksa." (Nenad Polimac)   Ulaznica 10 kuna, za članove Filmskih programa besplatna. Organizacija i realizacija: HFS u suradnji s Ambasadom Republike Srbije, Filmskim centrom Srbije, Jugoslavenskom kinotekom i Srpskim narodnim vijećem

From 01.02. To 15.04.2017.

Tražili ste… ponavljamo

Program of films with Woody Allen & Diane Keaton

Woody Allen is a screenwriter, dramatist, director and actor, born Allan Stewart Konigsberg (at the age of seventeen he legally changed his name to Heywood Allen).

From 01.02. To 16.04.2017.

Tražili ste – ponavljamo…

Program of Andrei Tarkovsky's films

Tarkovsky was a Russian director, screenwriter, editor, film theoretician, theatre director and probably the most famous Russian film author besides Eisenstein. His trademarks are a specific film poetics, unconventional dramatic structure, slow camera and visual impressionability. 

From 07.02. To 18.04.2017.

For Members of Film programmes only

Film Club (2017)

We invite you to watch with us some of anthological films that include very different national, genre and author styles and poetics. Each screening is preceded by an introductory discussion accompanied by audiovisual materials about the importance of each film as well as the author and his opus as a whole. Hosts of the program are Marko Rojnić (foreign films) and Tomislav Šakić (Croatian films). This programis for Members of Film programmes only. All foreign films have Croati...

From 17.01. To 18.04.2017.

Short Tuesday (2017)

Several years ago, faced with a lack of a screening venue for short films, including all kinds and sorts (feature, documentary, experimental and animated films), as well as alternative production in general, Croatian Film started a special program devoted to short film production that takes place in the big auditorium of the Tuškanac cinema. In the beginning, the program referred exclusively to experimental film (thus the title Experimental Tuesday), but later the concept changed to encom...

From 17.03.2016. To 20.04.2017.

Thursday – Day for Documentaries

Program is organized in collaboration with the association Restart.

From 23.01.2016. To 22.04.2017.

Creative film Matinees for Children on Saturday Mornings

Smart Cinema for Children

Smart Cinema is an educational and entertaining program for the youngest audience of the Tuškanac cinema that takes place on Saturday mornings. Each Saturday the program begins with the screening of a film for children and continues after the film with creative workshops that include drawing, painting, modelling, and other fun art activities. The kids are accompanied by the creative “nannies” that lead the workshops. Workshops last 60 minutes and are intended for children fro...

From 24.01.2016. To 21.05.2017.

Theatre on the film screen

We are showing various theatre plays produced by different international theatres on Tuškanac’s big screen. Distribution: Cikanek management, Czech Republic and  Pannonia entertainment, Hungary