Behrouz Afkhami

Teheran, Iran


Afkhami (born in 1956) is an Iranian director and screenwriter. He graduated from the Academy for cinema and television in 1978. He worked as director of photography on the film Under the Rain (1986) by the director Seifollah Daad, and afterwards directed the historical TV series Mirza Kuchak of the Forest. He made his feature film debut with the film The Bride (1990) that achieved great success in theatres. He also made The Day of Angel (1993), The Day of the Devil (1994), Takhti, the World Champion (1997) and Hemlock (Shokaran, 2000). Recently he became active in politics and was elected to the Iranian parliament. After his four-year political mandate he returned to films and made The River\'s End (Gav khuni, 2003)


Films by this director


(Shokaran, Iran, 2000)

Directed by: Behrouz Afkhami

Manager Mahmoud’s boss Khakpour tells him that some unfamiliar people offered him a bribe to help them buy the factory in which both he and Mahmoud work. Soon Khakpour gets injured in a car accident and Mahmoud replaces him at work. He also has to deal with the critical financial situation of the factory. When visiting his boss in the hospital, he meets the nurse Sima with whom he has an emotionally unstable affair. This is sort of an Iranian version of Fatal Attraction, which in the directo...

color, 86 min
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