Shai Agosin



Agosin is a Chilean director. He studied at the Film Academy in New York. He founded the production house Agosin Producciones which produced the Chilean kid’s TV show Club Disney. He has also worked for American TV stations such as Nickelodeon, MTV and Discovery Channel. El brindis (2007) is his only feature film so far.


Films by this director

El brindis


Directed by: Shai Agosin
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ignacio Prieto

Emilia, a young photographer from Mexico, goes to Chile to visit her father who she has not seen since her mother’s death. Besides her father, she encounters his new family. The fact that her father is ill enhances her wish to renew their relationship. Soon after she falls in love with the local rabbi, things become more complicated.

digital, color, 100 min
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