Barbara Albert


Barbara Albert studied German language and literature and stage science before she finally enrolled at the Vienna Film Academy to study film direction and dramaturgy.


Nordrand (1999)
Sonnenflecken (short) (1998)
Die Frucht Deines Lebens (short) (1996)
Nachtschwalben (short)

Films by this director

Northern Edge

(Nordrand, 1999)

Directed by: Barbara Albert

The setting is 1995Austria. Jasmin, Tamara, Roman, Senad, and Valentin, five people from different backgrounds, meet at the celebration of national holiday in Vienna. For a short time they share their lives and cravings. Testing their luck in life, they offer each other support and warmth trying to forget their miserable jobs, unwanted pregnancy, traumatic war experiences and the guns they have to carry to protect the Austrian border. Their attempts are often clumsy, but prompted by the wish to...

color, 103 min


(Sonnenflecken, 1998)

Directed by: Barbara Albert

A young woman and a little girl are playing football. When the ball reaches the sky, the Black and White sequence turns into red evening sky in which a bird flies. The bird belongs to dreams. The beginning is programmed: different levels of experience collapse one into another talking about growing up, dreams and expectations, frustrations while music helps us go on dancing: Rhythm of the heart… Two young women and little Angie live somewhere in the suburbs. What do they expect of life? This fil...

25 min
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