Gianni Amelio

20.01.1945, San Pietro Magisano


Amelio is an Italian screenwriter and director. He has been interested in film since early childhood. He dropped out of his philosophy studies in Sicily and moved to Rome where he worked as Vittorio de Sete’s assistant. Later in Spain, he worked on “spaghetti” westerns. He directed two short films before making his feature film debut La fine del gioco (1970). Afterwards he made The Cinema According to Bertolucci (Bertolucci secondo il cinema, 1975), a documentary about Bernardo Bertolucci’s film Novecento, and the feature films Blow to the Heart (Colpire al cuore, 1982), The Way We Laughed (Cosí ridevano, 1998), Open Doors (Porte aperte, 1990), The Stolen Children (Il ladro di bambini, 1992), The House Keys (Le chiavi di casa, 2004) and La stella che non c\'č (2006).


La fine del gioco (1970)
La citta del sole (1973)
Bertolucci secondo il cinema (1976)
Effetti speciali (1974)
La morte al lavoro (1978)
Il piccolo Archimede (1979)
I velieri (1983)
Colpire al cuore (1983)
I ragazzi di Via Panisperna (1988)
Porte aperte (1990)
Il ladro di bambini (1992)
Lamerica (1994)
Cose ridevano (1998)
Le chiavi di casa (2004)
La stella che non c'e (2006)

Films by this director

The Way We Laughed

(Cosí ridevano, 1998)

Directed by: Gianni Amelio

This is a story about two brothers who leave Sicily and arrive to Turin during the 1950’s. Illiterate Giovanni works hard to enable his brother Pietro a good education and a better life. Pietro, on the other hand, does not like the school and prefers to start working. A murder occurs and brotherly love is put to the test... In 1998, this film won the Golden Lion in Venice.

color, DVD, English subtitles, 124 minute

La stella che non c’e


Directed by: Gianni Amelio

A Chinese delegation arrives in Italy to buy a machine from an ironworks that is about to close. Vincenzo Buonavolontŕ, who maintains the machines, is convinced that this machine is not suitable for sale and persistently tries to find a malfunction in order to prevent accidents from happening when the new workers handle it. In the process, Vincenzo Buonavolonte travels to China and finds the country to be quite different from how he had imagined it from far away. The film is based on Ermanno R...

color, 35 mm, 104 min
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