Vicente Amorim

Vienna, Austria


Amorim (born in 1966) is a Brazilian producer and director. He was born in Vienna to a diplomat father and spent his childhood in Brazil, Europe and the USA. In 1984, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he began to study economics, three years later transferring to film school. At the time, he started to work in film and directed his first TV series. From 1988 to 2000, he worked as an assistant director on many films and also directed many commercials and music videos. After a few short films, he co-directed the feature documentary 2000 Nordestes (2000) with David França Mendes. Afterwards he made his feature film debut The Middle of the World (O Caminho das Nuvens, 2003) and then the internationally produced Good (2008).


Films by this director

The Middle of the World

(O Caminho das Nuvens, 2003.)

Directed by: Vicente Amorim
PHOTOGRAPHY: Gustavo Hadba

Based on a true story, the film portrays a poor family from Northeastern Brazil that embarks on an ambitious journey in order to find a better life. Father Romão is an illiterate truck driver who remains an optimist in spite of everything. Mother Rose is more pragmatic, as she has to take care of their five children. Love and unity are their most important assets as they travel 3,000 kilometers to Rio de Janeiro on bikes.

digital, color, 87 min
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