Massimo Andrei



Andrei (born in 1967) wrote his graduating thesis about the relationship between theatre and anthropology. As a young man, he started acting in the theater with Ernesto Calindri and directors Giancarlo Cobelli, Antonimo Calendo and Eugenio Barba. He acted many times with actors from Naples, such as Carlo Giuffre, and he collaborated with Vincenzo Salemme and his group for five seasons in a row. He was the protagonist in works by Annibale Ruccello and Manlio Santanelli that were directed by Pier Paolo Sepe. He wrote for theatre and directed the grotesque drama about a modern family, Tina fai presto, non devi sognare with Lunetta Savino; Mareamarč text with music by Peppe Barra, Pappadŕ, i molti colori e i molti dolori dell’immigrazione and Prima Jurnata, a comedy inspired by life and stories by Giambattista Basileo. He also writes for the radio (Due di notte, Rai Radio Due) and television (Chiamberetti c’č). Besides documentaries about historical figures he wrote and directed commercials with Gigim Alessi and Alessandro Siani. He published Le vecchie vergini, an obscene fairy tale set in imaginary Naples for Tullio Pironti Editore. He directed the film Figlio mio, wrote and directed Mater Natura produced by Kublaj Khan, for which he won the Settimana Internazionale della Critica award, audience’s award, and awards ISVEMA and FEDIC at the 62nd review of film in Venice.


Films by this director

Mater Natura


Directed by: Massimo Andrei
PHOTOGRAPHY: Vladan Radovic

A young transvestite, Desiderio, experiences a strong and true love affair…

color, 35 mm, 93 min

Benur – Un gladiatore in affitto

(Italy, 2012)

Directed by: Massimo Andrei
PHOTOGRAPHY: Vittorio Omodei Zorini

Sergio je bivši filmski kaskader. Otkad se ozlijedio na snimanju jednog američkog filma preživljava baveći se najrazličitijim poslovima, među ostalim, statira kao rimski vojnik u Colosseumu. Njegova sestra i cimerica Maria od kuće radi za erotsku vruću liniju. Dva života u rasulu, sve dok se jednog dana ne pojavi Milan, ilegalni bjeloruski emigrant... Montaža: Claudio Di Mauro Scenografija: Massimiliano Nocente Kostimi: Isabella Rizza Glazba: Nicola Piovani Producent: Flavia Parnasi...

color, 90 min
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