Nimród Antal

30.11.1973, Los Angeles


Antal was born in California where he studied film at the Pasadena Art Center in 1991. After his return to Hungary, he studied at the Hungarian Academy for Drama and Film. He graduated in 1995. He has made several music videos and two short films Bohóclövészet (1994) and Biztosítás (1998) as well as one feature film Control (Kontroll, 2003).


Films by this director


(Kontroll, 2003)

Directed by: Nimród Antal

This is a film with a dark atmosphere, shot entirely in the Budapest subway. Subway travelers are terrorized by two rival gangs of ticket controllers who are searching for an anonymous murderer. A drunk driver, a woman dressed in a bear costume, a hooded killer who throws his victims under trains, happy tourists, and various bums are just some of the subway’s gaudy “population”.

color, 105 min
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