Marijan Arhanić

16.01.1930, Zagreb


Arhanić is a director and screenwriter who took a degree in art history in Zagreb. During his studies, he acted and directed in several student performances and films. He wrote screenplays for short feature films by Bogdan Žižić (Putovanje, Šala, Nož), and with Davorin Stipetić he co-wrote the feature film Jedanaesta zapovijed (1970) by Vanča Kljaković. He made his feature film debut with Poslijepodne jednog fazana (1972), which won the jury’s diploma and the award for the best debutant at the Pula film festival. His second film Letači velikog neba (Fliers of the Open Skies, 1977) won award at film festivals in Paris (first prize) and Avellin.


Films by this director

Fliers of the Open Skies


Directed by: Marijan Arhanić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Frano Vodopivec

Germans occupy a small village. A small boy, Ante, is terrified when one of the German soldiers starts shooting his pigeons. In addition to that, the villagers are hungry and see Ante’s little flying friends as good food. Soon, a wounded partisan arrives to the village and Ante finds himself face to face with temptation.

color, 95 min; 105 min (različiti izvori!)
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