Sabine Lubbe Bakker



Dutch filmmaker, she studied in The Netherlands and Brazil. While studying political science she got intrigued by the Middle East. She lived and worked in Damascus for about one year where she made her first short documentaries. After graduation she made her first feature length documentary Shout (2010) that is shot in Syria and the Golan Heights with co-director Ester Gould. She directed three 50 minutes documentaries for the Dutch national documentary program Backlight (VPRO): In Between Egypt and Gaza (2011), Power to the people (2012), and Hotel Europe (2013). She co-wrote and co-directed her last documentry film Ne me quitte pas (2015) with Niels van Koevorden.


Films by this director

Ne me quitte pas

(Netherlands, Belgium, 2015)

Directed by: Sabine Lubbe Bakker
PHOTOGRAPHY: Niels van Koevorden

Set in a village in Belgium, Bob, Flemish, and Marcel, Walloon share their solitude, sense of humor and craving for alcohol. Bob is a retired ranger who loves freedom and the forest and wants to spend his retirement in silence, while Marcel is a family man on the edge of losing everything. This is a hilarious comedy about friendship soaked in hectoliters of alcohol. This tragic but at the same time comical ode to failure, is a touching and hilarious portrayal of two lonely men that is abundant...

color, digital, 107 min
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