Emil Ben-Shimon

Tel Aviv


Photo: פונטיין (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Izraelski redatelj i scenarist, koji je proteklih petnaest godina radio na televiziji snimajući filmove i serije. Humorna drama Ismach Hatani (The Women's Balcony, 2016.) njegov je debitantski kino film.


Films by this director

The Women's Balcony

(Ismach Hatani, Israel, 2016)

Directed by: Emil Ben-Shimon
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ziv Berkovich

Etty and Tzion live a happy peaceful life in their small Jerusalem community.  During the bar mitzvah of their grandson, the women’s balcony of their synagogue collapses and the synagogue is destroyed. The men try to find a way to restore the synagogue but are faced with so many obstacles, that it seems impossible. Then a young, charismatic, zealous rabbi comes into their lives and he promises that all their problems will be solved. 

color, digital, 96 min
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