Matías Bize



Screenwriter and director, he enrolled in film studies in 1968 at INSAS (Institut National des Arts du Spectacle et Techniques de Diffusion) in Brussels, where he graduated in 1972, with his short film Duel. Then he returned to Tunisia where he worked for television for a year, but was arrested for his connections with the radical group GEAST (Groupe d'Etude et d'Action Socialiste Tunisian). He was released in 1979. At first he worked on film sets as directors’ assistant and doing various other jobs. He wrote and directed his first film Rih essed in 1986, which focuses on the problem of child abuse and has received Un Certain Regard award in Cannes. He filmed the drama Safa'ih min dhahab three years later, and in his film Bezness (1992) he portrays male prostitution. He took part in the omnibus Harb El Khalij... wa baad (1993). In his film Bent familia (1997) he deals with the position of women in modern day Tunisia. After Poupées d'argile (2002) about house maids from poor communities, in Making of, le dernier film (2006) he deals with religious fundamentalism. Millefeuille (2013) is currently his latest film. Apart from working in film, since mid 1990’s he has been lecturing at EDAC (L’École des Arts et du Cinéma) in Tunisia.


Films by this director

The Life of Fish

(La vida de los peces, 2010)

Directed by: Matías Bize
PHOTOGRAPHY: Bárbara Álvarez

After ten years of being away from home, Andrés is reunited with friends at a house party in Santiago, Chile. While most of them are married and have children, he is still single and lives in Berlin working as a travel writer. Chatting to them, he learns about everything he had missed and recalls his past life. At the same time he is trying to avoid his ex-girlfriend Beatriz...

color, digital, 84 min
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