Nae Caranfil

07.09.1960, Bucharest, Romania


Director and screenwriter, son of the famous Romanian film historian and critic Tudor Caranfil. Graduated in 1984 at the Caragiale Academy of theatrical arts and cinematography (UNATC) in his home town of Bucharest. During 1980s he made short films such as Venice in September (1983), Thirty Years of Insomnia (1984), Backstage (1988). His feature debut was Sundays on Leave (1993). In his next film, Asphalt Tango (1996) he worked with Charlotte Rampling. He made Dolce far niente (1998) as an international coproduction, but the film didn't do well. However, a huge success with both critics and the audience was his film Philanthropy (2002). The Rest is Silence (Restul e tacere, 2007) won many Romanian Gopos awards, including the ones for best feature and screenplay in 2009. The film was also chosen as the Romanian candidate for Oscar in the category best foreign feature. At the moment his film Closer to the Moon is in post production.


Films by this director


(Filantropica, 2002.)

Directed by: Nae Caranfil
PHOTOGRAPHY: Vivi Dragan Vasile

Ovidiu Gorea is an exhausted teacher in his mid forties who still lives with his parents. He tried to be a writer but was unsuccessful. When he realizes he is attracted to the sister of one of his students, he sees that he has nothing to impress her with. He accidently finds out about the Filantropica Foundation from a beggar. It is a well linked system for begging guaranteeing the users decent profit. In order to raise money, he decides to become a part of it.

color, digital, 110 min

The Rest is Silence

(Restul e tacere, 2007.)

Directed by: Nae Caranfil
PHOTOGRAPHY: Marius Panduru

A historical film with a script inspired by a true story about the making of the historical epic 'Independenta Romaniei' (1912), directed by Grigore Brezeanu. Director's alter ego in this film is Grigore Ursache, a 19-year-old theatre director interested in film, which was at the time a new and not particularly appreciated media. His father, a prominent theatre director expect Grigore to follow in his footsteps, but the young man has a different, more ambitious idea...

color, digital, 114 min
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