Margarida Cardoso

Lisbon, Portugal


Cardoso (born in 1963.) is a Portuguese director and screenwriter. She studied film and lived in Mozambique during the colonial war (fight for independence from Portugal) from 1964 to 1976. This experience had a huge impact on Cardoso’s work and her only feature film, A Costa dos Murmúrios (2004). She also directed several short films Dois Dragőes (Two Dragons, 1996), Entre Nós (Among Us, 1999), Do Outro Lado (1999) and documentaries Natal 71 (1999), Com Quase Nada (With Almost Nothing, 2000), Kuxa Kanema - O Nascimento do Cinema (2003).


Films by this director

The Murmuring Coast

(A Costa dos Murmúrios, 2004)

Directed by: Margarida Cardoso
PHOTOGRAPHY: Lisa Hagstrand

The story takes place in the 1970s in Mozambique. Evita and Luis are a young couple who arrive to Mozambique because Luis was sent there to fight on Portugal’s side against fighters for the independence of Mozambique. Luis is worried about his wife and asks her not to leave the house while he fights. Nevertheless, Evita has no intention of being shut in the house and goes out of it. She meets the wife of Luis’ sergeant and they become friends…

color, 115 min
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