Marcel Carné

18.08.1909, Paris, France - 31.10.1996, Clamart, France


In his youth Carné worked as an
accountant in an insurance company and shot his first film, a documentary, with
his own finances. Afterwards he assists the famous French director Jacques
Feyder. In his first feature film he collaborates with Jacques Prevert, one of
the most significant screenwriters of all time. Together with Jean Renoir, he is
the founder of French poetic realism. In his films often uses motives of
resignation, misfits and no-way-out situations, disappointments that end with
suicides. Besides Children of Paradise his famous films include Les
portes de la nuit
and Daybreak, both with Jean Gabin in the lead


La Bible (1977)
La merveilleuse visite (1974)
Les assassins de l'ordre (1971)
Les jeunes loups (1968)
Trois chambres ŕ Manhattan (1965)
Du mouron pour les petits oiseaux (1962)
Terrain vague (1960)
Les tricheurs (1958)
Le pays, d'oů je viens (1956)
L'air de Paris (1954)
Thérčse Raquin (1953)
Juliette ou la clé des songes (1950)
La Marie du port (1949)
Les portes de la nuit (1946)
Les enfants du paradis (1945)
Les visiteurs du soir (1942)
Le jour se leve (1939)
Hôtel du Nord (1938)
Quai des brumes (1938)
Drôle de drame (1937)
Jenny (1936)
Nogent, Eldorado du dimanche (1929)

Films by this director

Children of Paradise

(Les enfants du paradis, France, 1945)

Directed by: Marcel Carné
PHOTOGRAPHY: Marc Fossard, Roger Hubert

Garance is a courtesan and the central figure in a story of life in the 19th century French theatre. Although married, Baptiste, the mime, is in love with Garance. There are signs that his love could be returned, but a brutal criminal Lacenaire and an ambitious actor Frédérick are also interested in Garance. The film is divided in two parts because the Nazi government in the WW II banned filming of movies longer than 90 minutes. Film has both English and Croatian subtitles!

b/w, 189'
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