Marcos Carnevale

04.09.1963, Inriville, Córdoba, Argentina


Carnevale is an Argentinian screenwriter, director and producer who began his career in 1983 in marketing. In 1991, he founded the production house Millecento Cinema. He made 300 hundred commercials and won many awards for them around the world. His first feature film was Night Serenaders (Noche de ronda, 1996) and he also wrote the screenplay for it. From then on he worked on his career as a screenwriter and wrote many screenplays for TV series. In 200, he directed his next film, comedy Clams and Mussels (Almejas y mejillons), and afterwards the well-received romantic comedy Elsa & Fred (Elsa y Fred, 2005). Some of his less popular films are dramas Touch the Sky (Tocar el cielo, 2007), Anita (2009) and Widows (Viudas, 2011). His alst film is another well-received romantic comedy Heart of a Lion (Corazón de león, 2013).


Films by this director

Heart of a Lion

(Corazón de león, Argentina, 2013)

Directed by: Marcos Carnevale
PHOTOGRAPHY: Horacio Maira

This is a romantic comedy dealing with social prejudices, pressures and standards of beauty. Divorced successful lawyer Ivana loses her cell phone. She is at work with her former husband and business partner Diego when she receives a phone call from the person who found her phone. León is a divorced well-known architect whose charm and gallant manners are apparent to Ivana already during their conversation on the phone. Since they both seem to be immediately attracted to each other, they set up...

digital, color, 94 min
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