Tadeusz Chmielewski

07.06.1927, Tomaszów Mazowiecki


Chmielewski is a Polish director, screenwriter and producer. He graduated in film directing in 1957. His debut was the film Ewa chce spac (Eve Wants to Sleep) that in 1958 won the Golden Shell at the San Sebastian film festival. He achieved fame with his comedies, Gdzie jest general? (Where is the General?, 1964), Nie lubie poniedzialku (I hate Mondays, 1971), Wiosna, panie sierzancie (It's Spring, Sergeant, 1974), Wierna rzeka (The Faithful River, 1983). For many years, he taught at the Film Academy in Łódź.


Films by this director

Eve Wants to Sleep

(Ewa chce spac, 1958)

Directed by: Tadeusz Chmielewski
PHOTOGRAPHY: Stefan Matyjaszkiewicz

Ewa Bonecka goes to a small town to attend school. She arrives during the night and wants to rent an apartment. This proves impossible, as there are no free hotel rooms. Therefore, Ewa must spend a night on streets full of prostitutes and criminals…

b/w, 95 min
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