Eva Ciuk

Gorizia, Italy


Ciuk (born in Gorizia, 1975) graduated from the University of Trieste, after majoring in languages. She has collaborated with many local newspapers and RAI’s regional office in Trieste. She is most interested in the life of people in the southern part of the world, both in her films and photography exhibitions that she occasionally curates. In 2002 in Salvadore, she made the documentary Las Dignas Mujeres por la Dignidad y la Vida. is currently working in the news department of RAI’s regional office in Slovenia. She also writes for the Italian magazines Diario and Latinoamerica.


Films by this director

Realities Kosova/o, voci di minoranze dimenticate


Directed by: Eva Ciuk
PHOTOGRAPHY: Marko Cvejić, Petrit Domi, Gianandrea Sasso

The creation of an integrated and multiethnic society was one of the main requirements that the international community asked for in order to solve questions pertaining to Kosovo’s status by 2006. Namely, Kosovo is still a Serbian province but it is under the UN mission’s (UNMIK) authority. Minorities are victims of discrimination and ethnic violence, and while negotiations for determining their status have begun, the minorities have not been protected against humiliations. Spokesmen of for...

beta, dvd, 58 min
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