Luigi Comencini




Films by this director


(A cavallo dela tigre, 1961.)

Directed by: Luigi Comencini
PHOTOGRAPHY: Aldo Scavarda

Poverty, bad choices and his own clumsiness bring taxi driver Giacinto Rossi to jail. Serving a sentence for theft, he meets three prisoners who are planning to escape. Since his sentence is shorter; he initially doesn't want to join them. But circumstances force him to change his mind and he successfully escapes with them. As a criminal on the run, he is planning to leave the country illegally, but has no money. He turns to his wife, who is now living with another man, in the hope she would hel...

b/w, digital, 120 min

The Adventures of Pinocchio

(Le avventure di Pinocchio, 1972.)

Directed by: Luigi Comencini
PHOTOGRAPHY: Armando Nannuzzi

In this screen adaptation of the story of Pinocchio, Nino Manfredi plays the role of Geppetto. Shot in a neo-realist style and set in Italy in the second half of the nineteenth century, the film is a successful presentation of the story of a carpenter who creates a wooden puppet boy and names him Pinocchio. The puppet comes to life and becomes a real boy...

color, digital, 134 min
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