Obrad Gluščević

17.01.1913, Metković - 05.09.1980, Zagreb


Gluščević began his career as an actor in the Dubrovnik theatre and made his directing debut with the reportage film “Partizankom” do Buenos Airesa (1947). He directed short features and documentaries that won awards in Venice, Cannes, Oberhausen and Belgrade. Some of his most famous documentaries are Između dvije prozivke (1959), Pod ljetnim suncem (1961), Vuk (1962) and Ljudi s Neretve (1966). In the early 1960’s he began making feature films. His debut was the children’s short film Priča o djevojčici i sapunu (1962). Afterwards, he made three features, comedies that depict the life and mentality of the Dalmatian region: Lito vilovito (1964), Čovik od svita (1965) and Goli čovik (1968). After that he made two children’s films in which he showed great talent at working with children: Vuk samotnjak (1972) and Kapetan Mikula Mali (1974), which he edited into a TV series in 1976. He is the author of the TV series for children Jelenko (1980, in Bosnian and Herzegovinian production).


Jelenko (1980) (TV series)
Kapetan Mikula Mali (1976) (TV series)
Kapetan Mikula Mali (1974)
Zemlja - grupa slikara (1973)
Vuk samotnjak (1972)
Kraljica salama (1972) (documentary)
Brđani i donjani (1969) (documentary)
Na zimskom suncu (1969) (documentary)
Goli čovik (1968)
Ljudi s neretve (1966) (documentary)
Čovik od svita (1965)
Lito vilovito (1964)
Priča o djevojčici i sapunu (1962) (short feature)
Vuk (1962) (documentary)
Pod ljetnim suncem (1961) (documentary)
Između dvije prozivke (1959) (documentary)
Bura (1958) (documentary)
Dan odmora (1957)
Pjesnik života (1955) (documentary)
Izložba srednjovjekovne umjetnosti naroda Jugoslavije (1951) (documentary)
Bez međaša (1950) (documentary)
Mladi kadrovi mornarice (1950)
Sa \'Partizankom\' do Buenos Airesa (1948)

Documentaries by Obrad Gluščević
Program of short films by Obrad Gluščević

Films by this director

Vuk samotnjak


Directed by: Obrad Gluščević
PHOTOGRAPHY: Nenad Jovičić

A boy finds a German shephard, left by the Germans during WW II. This is a lyrical film about their friendship.

color, 83 min

Captain Mikula, the Kid

(produkcija Jadran film, 1974)

Directed by: Obrad Gluščević
PHOTOGRAPHY: Nenad Jovičić, Branko Knez

In a small village under Biokovo Mountain, refugees gather. They board a convoy of ships bound for the free island of Vis. Soon a storm begins and the ship’s motor breaks down. Their only chance at survival is to stop on an island conquered by the Germans.

color, 91 min

Lito vilovito


Directed by: Obrad Gluščević
PHOTOGRAPHY: Aleksandar Petković

In a small Dalmatian town in summertime, four young men begin, each in his own way, to seduce tourist women. The most confident among them is Ive, who brags about many summer love affairs. Vice tries to follow in his footsteps, much to his girlfriend Mare’s dissatisfaction. Completely different from his friends, introverted Pjero falls in love with the Swedish tourist May…

b/w, Beta, 86 min

Ljudi sa Neretve


Directed by: Obrad Gluščević
PHOTOGRAPHY: Frano Vodopivec

Poetski dokumentarni film o životu ljudi na delti Neretve. Produkcija: Zagreb film – Studio za dokumentarni film (SDF)

b/w, 15'21''
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