Goran Marković

24.07.1946, Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia



He took a degree in film directing from FAMU in Prague. He began his career with a series of half an hour TV films on Television Belgrade. In 1977, he directed his first feature film Specijalno vaspitanje. Afterwards he made socially oriented films Nacionalna klasa (1979), Majstori, majstori (1980), film of catastrophe Variola vera (1982), and Tajvanska kanasta (1985). In 1987, he made, according to the critics, his best film Već viđeno (Déjà vu) that won the Great Golden Arena in Pula. Then he followed this with Sabirni centar (1989), Tito i ja (1992) and Urnebesna tragedija (1995). He appeared as an actor in the feature films Nedjelja by Lordan Zafranović and Lepe žene prolaze kroz grad, by Želimir Žilnik, as well as the short film Apotekarica by Srđan Karanović. Since 1978, he has been teaching film direction at the Academy for Drama Arts in Belgrade.


Films by this director

Special Education

(Yugoslavia, 1977)

Directed by: Goran Marković

Pera Trta goes to a Belgrade home for underage delinquents from the provinces. At the same time, a new teacher, Žarko, arrives and begins utilizing peculiar methods in his work with the young offenders. Pera and Žarko’s destinies converge around the youngest offender, Ljupče, who refuses to speak and interact with anyone. This film questions the relationships between its plastic characters, and offers a social and psychological portrayal of urban delinquency. In 1977, this film won an award at...

color, 110 min

Majstori, majstori!


Directed by: Goran Marković

This is Goran Marković’s third long feature film. Through a story about a Belgrade secondary school and its employees, it portrays the social conditions of that time. On the day of the principal’s retirement an inspector comes to the school in order to investigate a claim against the principal’s assistant. Even though the farewell party for the principal was planned as an opportunity to relax and socialize, it takes a whole new direction…

35 mm, color, 83 min

National Class Category Up to 785 Ccm

(Serbia, 1979)

Directed by: Goran Marković

Branimir Mitrović, nicknamed Floyd, is a twenty-seven year-old rally driver who keeps avoiding any kind of responsibility in his life. He lives with his parents, tries to avoid going to the military while the fact that he has a girlfriend does not stop him in his eagerness to go out with other girls. The only thing he really cares about is the next race. If he wins, he will transfer from the current “national class” of driving cars up to 785 cc (so-called "fićo") to a highe...

color, 105 min
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