Hanung Bramantyo

01.10.1965, Yogyakarta, Indonesia



Director, screenwriter and producer with the full name Setiawan Hanung Bramantyo. While attending high school he got interested in theatre and then enrolled in the Islamic Indonesian University to study economy. However, he quit his studies and enrolled to the Art Institute in Jakarta. In 1998, he directed his first short feature film Tlutur. He continued to work in the genre of romantic teenage dramas and Brownies (2005) was his commercial feature film. He directed the horror films Lentera merah (Red Lantern, 2006) and Legenda Sundel Bolong (The Legend of Sundel Bolong, 2007). His Islamic romance and adaptation of the novel with the same title Ayat-ayat cinta (Verses of Love, 2008) was very successful. He deals with the topic of Islam in his drama Perempuan berkalung sorban (Woman with a Turban, 2009) as well as in the biopic Sang pencerah (The Enlightener, 2010). For the government of South Sumatra he directed the sports drama  Pengejar Angin (The Wind Chaser, 2011) in order to promote the Southeast Asian. His next films were two parts of the romantic drama Perahu Kerta (Paper Boat, 2012), historical action epic Gending Sriwijaya (2013), biographical drama Soekarno: Indonesia Merdeka (2013) and romantic drama Rudy Habibie (2016).


Films by this director

The Wind Chaser

(Pengejar Angin, Indonesia, 2011)

Directed by: Hanung Bramantyo

Osamnaestogodišnji Dapunta s Južne Sumatre uskoro će završiti srednju školu i stoga razmišlja o budućnosti. Njegova majka želi da on upiše fakultet, no otac, lokalni razbojnik, snažno se protivi tome. Dapunta je talentiran za trčanje te ga njegova simpatija Nyimas, učitelj Pak Damar i prijatelj Husni  podržavaju u nastojanju da pomoću sportskih rezultata dođe do željenog fakulteta. Ali školski kolega Yusuf, koji se također bavi trčanjem, sabotira Da...

color, digital, 101 min

The Song of Sriwijaya

(Gending Sriwijaya, Indonesia, 2013)

Directed by: Hanung Bramantyo
PHOTOGRAPHY: Rahmat Syaiful

This is a historical, adventure and action spectacle that takes place in the 16th century. Three centuries ago, Sriwijaya fell and what remained are several smaller kingdoms that competing for power. Dapunta Hyang Mahawangsa is the leader of one of such kingdoms. He has two sons - Awang Kencana and Purnama Kelana. Old Dapunta choses Purnama for his intelligence, wisdom and vision. Awanga, who relies more on his strength and fighting power, is very disappointed and is preparing his revenge&hellip...

color, digital, 138 min
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