Jean-Jacques Beineix

08.10.1946, Paris, France - 13.01.2022, Paris, France


Beineix is a French director, screenwriter and producer. He studied medicine, but his rue love was film. In 1970s he was assistant director to many famous directors such as René Clémenta, Claude Berri and Claude Zidi). He made his directing debut with the short film Le chien de Monsieur Michel (1977). Four years later he directed his first feature film Diva (1981). The domestic critics did not like the film but it achieved great international success and finally Beineix won a Césara for Best Debut in 1982. His next film, The Moon in the Gutter (La lune dans le caniveau, 1983), was criticized even more and the film was commercially unsuccessful. In order to preserve his creative freedom in 1984 he founded his own production house Cargo Films and directed his film 37°2 le matin (1986), internationally acclaimed and famous as Betty Blue. His next films Rosalyne and the Lions (Roselyne et les lions, 1989) and IP5: L'île aux pachydermes (IP5: The Island of Pachyderms, 1992), starring Yves Montand before he died, were not noticed at all. Afterwards Beineix directed documentaries with social topics Les enfants de Roumanie (1992), Otaku (1994) and Assigné ŕ résidence (1997). He returned to feature film in 2001 with the thriller Mortel transfert (Mortal Transfer). He also made the TV documentary Loft Paradoxe (2002).


Films by this director



Directed by: Jean-Jacques Beineix
PHOTOGRAPHY: Philippe Rousselot

Jules is a young postman from Paris obsessed with an opera singer whose performance he recorded secretly. The next day he crosses paths with a woman who is being chased by several armed robbers. Before she gets caught the woman manages to slip a tape into Jules’s bag and thus makes him the next target… In 1982, this film won the French film award César as Best Debut Film.

color, 117 min

Betty Blue

(37°2 le matin, France, 1986)

Directed by: Jean-Jacques Beineix
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jean-François Robin

Zorg je majstor koji vrši razne popravke u turističkom naselju s drvenim bungalovima, na francuskoj obali. Vodi smiren i tih život, u slobodno vrijeme pišući roman. Upozna senzualnu i strastvenu Betty i njih se dvoje snažno zaljube jedno u drugo. Betty je divlja i nepredvidiva, posvađa se sa Zorgovim poslodavcem, pa ona i Zorg odlaze, a novi posao pronalaze u talijanskom restoranu dečka Bettyne prijateljice. Zorgov roman nijedan izdavač ne želi objaviti, što jako ljuti Betty...

color, 185'
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