Levan Akin

14.12.1979, Stockholm, Sweden



Akin is a director and screenwriter born in Sweden from parents who emigrated from Georgia. He began his career during his internship at the Swedish television and afterwards gained valuable experience working on film and TV series sets. Besides that he also directed his own short films. He directed myna episodes of TV series such as the sci-fi Real Humans (Äkta människor, 2012). He has directed two feature films, humorous drama Katinkas kalas (2011) and the fantasy-horror The Circle (2015).


Films by this director

The Circle

(Cirkeln, Sweden, 2015)

Directed by: Levan Akin

Two teenagers, Goth Linnea and an A student Minoo, find a dead body of their colleague Elias in their school. It seems as though it was a suicide, but some things in the school are strange. At Elias’ wake, red-haired Rebecka shows signs of telekinesis. Soon it is revealed that there are six girls in the school who have special powers. They have to work together in order to find out the evil that hides in their school.

color, digital, 144 min
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