Lisandro Alonso

02.06.1975, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Alonso is a director, screenwriter, producer and editor. He grew up in the city but also spent some time working at his father’s ranch and his fascination with the nature is obvious in all of his films. He studied at the University of Film (Universidad del Cine), but never graduated. He learned the film trade working as assistant director and then made his directing debut with the feature film Freedom (La libertad, 2001) that follows the everyday life of a woodcutter living in complete isolation. Afterwards he directed the films Los muertos (2004) and Fantasma (2006). The film Los muertos won the award for best independent film in Karlovy Vary in 2005 and the award for best film in Turin in 2004. His next film Liverpool (2008), a similar, poetically minimalistic film that relies on non-verbal performances of non-professional actors and the expression of pictures, deals with the topic of estrangement and solitude. After the short feature Sin título (Carta para Serra) (2011), he directed the feature film Jauja (2014), which is a historical drama, and starring Viggo Mortensen and co-written by a colleague witer.  It won the FIPRESCI award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014 where it was part of the program Un certain regard.


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(Argentina, 2008)

Directed by: Lisandro Alonso
PHOTOGRAPHY: Lucio Bonelli

Made without much dialogue the film follows a merchant sailor on his way home. Farrel spent the majority of his life changing jobs and wandering around. He never settled and never spent enough time anywhere to make real friends. After finishing his last job on a boat he goes to visit his mother. From a harbor town he goes to the mountains and during his travel it becomes evident that Farrel is troubled by his return home.

color, digital, 84 min
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