Jayme Monjardim

19.05.1956, São Paulo, Brazil


Monjardim is a Brazilian director and producer. Jayme Monjardim Matarazzo began his directing career in 1977 by making a television documentary about his mother, actress and singer Mays Matarazzo. In 1983, he directed the television series Braço de Ferro, after which he directed numerous tele-novelas for different Brazilian TV stations. His first feature film was Olga (2004), based on a true story about Olga Benário (1908-1942), a German Jew who was deported from Brazil to Germany during WWII. He still directs TV series and is currently working on his second feature film O tempo e o vento.


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Directed by: Jayme Monjardim
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ricardo Della Rosa

Set during WWII, the film tells the story of a real historical figure, German Jewish woman Olga Benário (1908-1942). In early youth she is a member of the Communist movement and the German police persecute her, so she flees to Moscow. After military training, she is given the task to accompany Luis Carlos Prestesa to Brazil where, in 1935, he is supposed to organize a revolution against the dictator Getúlio Vargas (1930-1945). In time, Olga and Luis become close. The revolution fails, and Olga i...

digital, color, 141 min
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