Juan de Orduña

27.12.1900, Madrid, Spain - 03.02.1974, Madrid, Spain


De Orduña is a Spanish director, screenwriter, actor and producer. He began his career as a theatre actor while studying law. In 1925, he got his first film role in College Boarding House (La Casa de la Troya). In 1926, he founded the production house Goya Film together with director Florián Rey. He made his directing debut in 1927 with the silent black and white film Un Aventura de Cine. He made his first full length feature film Porque te vi llorar (1941) after the end of Spanish civil war. He is most famous for his melodramas Locura de Amor (1948) and The Last Torch Song (El Último Cuplé, 1957) which brought him international popularity. His other films include Agustina of Aragon (Agustina de Aragón, 1950), The Lioness of Castille (La leona de Castilla, 1951), Dawn of America (Alba de América, 1951). In the late 1960s he started to work more on television and made many so-called zarzuela films (at the time, a popular type of musical subgenre of operetta): La Revoltosa (1963), Bohemios (1969), La canción del olvido (1969), El huésped el sevillano (1970), El caserío (1972). He made his last film Me Has Hecho Perder el Juicio in 1973.


Films by this director

The Last Torch Song

(El último cuplé, 1957.)

Directed by: Juan de Orduña

Maria Luján is a former internationally acclaimed singer who is preparing her comeback concert. She is joined in her dressing room by her manager and former lover Juan. While preparing for the concert the two of them reminisce about their first meeting forty years ago, all they have been through together and all that has brought them to the place where they are now.

35 mm, color, 110 min
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