Pablo Berger

Bilbao, Spain, 1963



Berger is a screenwriter and producer who was born with the name Pablo Berger Uranga. He directed his first feature film Mama in 1988 with Álex de la Iglesia as artistic collaborator. He studied at a university in New York, and upon graduation worked there as a professor at the Film Academy. At the same time he worked as a music producer. In 2003, he directed the film Torremolinos 73, in Spanish-Danish co-production and starring Mads Mikkelsen in a smaller role, which was shown on several international film festivals. After eight years he directed his next film, the black and white silent drama Snow White (Blancanieves, 2012). It was a big international success and the Spanish candidate for an Oscar in the category Best Foreign Film in 2013. It also won ten Goya awards, including those for best film and screenplay. He is currently working on his next film Abracadabra (2017.).


Films by this director

Snow White

(Blancanieves, Spain, 2012)

Directed by: Pablo Berger
PHOTOGRAPHY: Kiko de la Rica

Shortly after a tragic accident that left the legendary matador Antonio Villaltea paralyzed, his wife dies during labor. Antonio marries the nurse Encarna who takes care of him, and leaves the upbringing of his daughter Carmencita to the grandmother, a former flamenco dancer. Jealous Encarna tries to murder Carmencit, but she escapes together with the travelling group of dwarves-matadors and becomes a famous matador known as Blancanieves. This peculiar, modern adaptation of the famous fairy tal...

b/w, silent, digital, 104 min

Torremolinos 73

(Spain, 2003)

Directed by: Pablo Berger
PHOTOGRAPHY: Kiko de la Rica

The story takes place in the 1970’s and follows a happily married couple Alfredo and Carmen. Alfredo is an encyclopedia salesman whose business is suffering and Carmen, who is desperate to have a child, gets fired. Alfredo’s boss starts a new business - filming "audiovisual educational films about human reproduction". After the initial doubt, attracted by the potential earnings, Alfredo and Carmen accept to be the protagonists of these films.

b/w and color, digital, 91 min
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