Piotr Kamler

30.06.1936, Warsaw



Piotr Kamler was born in Warsaw in 1936. His artistic training goes through the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and continues in France, in the Fine Arts in Paris, and the RTF Research Service, headed by Pierre Schaeffer, which has the mission to support authors who associate image and sound. Kamler executes his work from conception to completion, through drawing, photography and editing. He seeks to materialize his fantastic world produced by deep materials, color and shadow, and his complex characters, their actions and movements often translate into abstract delirium. For the soundtracks of his extraordinary avant-garde animations, he almost invariably collaborated with many of the most important electronic musicians, including Iannis Xenakis, François Bayle, Bernard Parmegiani, Ivo Malec, and Luc Ferrari.


Films by this director


(France, 1982)

Directed by: Piotr Kamler

There is not sufficient evidence to suggest that the city of Chronopolis does not exist. On the contrary, myths and manuscripts both reveal that the history of Chronopolis is one of eternity and desire. Chronopolis tells the story of a gargantuan city lurking in the sky colonised by powerful immortals who have become jaded and bored with eternal life, and thus have decided to manipulate elements of time. They play with atomic particles and electricity, and monotonously construct bizar...

color, 53'
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