Ricardo Carrasco

28.04.1960, Santiago de Chile, Chile



Carrasco is a Chilean director, screenwriter, director of photography and producer. He studied art at the catholic university in Chile and graduated as a professor of plastic arts. Afterwards he became interested in audiovisual arts and attended the International School for Film and Television San Antoinio de los Baños on Cuba. He started to direct documentaries that were always in the focus of his career. He also attended the Atelier Varan in France in 1995 in order to improve his skills as a director of documentaries. Among many others he co-directed and co-wrote the documentary La minga que movió la vieja iglesia de Tey (1999). In 2001, he directed his first feature film, comedy Negocio redondo napisao. He continued to direct documentaries and short features and his second feature length film is also a comedy - Vacaciones en familia from 2014.


Films by this director

Family Holiday

(Vacaciones en familia, Chile, 2014)

Directed by: Ricardo Carrasco
PHOTOGRAPHY: José Luis Arredondo

Kelly family has great social expectations, but faced with financial problems they cannot afford to go on a summer holiday in Brazil. In order to save their face and maintain their social position they decide to lie. They take all the necessary preparations to go on a holiday but instead of travelling they hide in their house pretending to have left. Will their neighbors uncover their secret?

color, digital, 90 min
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