Chadi Abdel Salam

09.03.1930, Alexandria, Egypt - 09.10.1986, Cairo, Egypt



Films by this director

The Night of Counting the Years

(Al-Mummia, 1969)

Directed by: Chadi Abdel Salam
PHOTOGRAPHY: Abdel Aziz Fahmy

The story takes place in south Egypt in 1881. Vanis, a young man from the Al Harbat tribe, is torn between respect for his father, the tribe’s chief who supports his family by selling archeological artifacts, and a wish to show an Egyptologist, Kamal, the secret of a pharaoh’s tomb. When his younger brother dies from their grandfather’s hand, Vanis decides to take the archeologist into the tomb. They transfer the found treasure to Cairo. This film is always on the critics’ top list of the best...

color, 35mm, 103' min
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