Jirí Sequens

23.04.1922, Brno, Czechoslovakia (today Czech Republic)


Sequens is a director and screenwriter who began his film career after WW II. He directed films such as Neporazení (1956), Bratr oceán (1958), Útek ze stínu (1959), Kolik slov staci lasce (1961), Atentat (Atentát, 1965) and several films in Greek: the war drama Epitafios gia ehthrous kai filous (1965) and the comedy Erotes sti Lesvo (1967). After directing three episodes of the criminal TV series Hrísní lidé mesta prazského (1968), he made four film sequels Penicka a Paraplícko (1970), Partie krásného dragouna (1970), Smrt cerného krále (1971) and Vrazda v hotelu Excelsior (1971). He continued to work for television and directed thirty episodes of the TV series 30 prípadu majora Zemana (1976-1980), whose two episodes he turned into feature films Rukojmí v Bella Vista (1979). His last works include Ta chvíle, ten okamzik (1981), Horký podzim s vuní manga (1984), Dva na koni, jeden na oslu (1986) and the TV series Bronzová spirála (1988) made in Czech-Yugoslav co-production.


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Directed by: Jirí Sequens

This film describes real events that took place on May 27, 1942 when members of the Czech resistance assassinated Reinhard Heydrich (a Nazi officer who became the protector of Czech and Moravia on September 27, 1941) while he was driving in his car through Prague. Heydrich died a few days later and the Nazis set off on a bloody retaliation for his murder.

b/w, 35 mm, 104 min
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