Vidi Bilu



Vidi Bilu (or Vardit Bilu) (Jeruzalem, 1959) is a director and screenwriter. She studied photography at the Hadassah College and directing at Beit Zvi Academy. She directed many commercials and documentaries Monologue and 30 kaful 4 (Thirty Times Four, 1992) (co-directed with Michael Ettinger).
Together with Dalia Hager she directed the feature film Karov la bayit (Close To Home, 2005).


Films by this director

Close to Home


Directed by: Vidi Bilu

The two heroes of this film are Smadar (Smadar Sayar) and Mirit (Neama Shendar), eighteen-year-old Israelis who are currently in the army. They are completely different and cannot stand each other: Smadar is decisive, temperamental and outgoing while Mirit is an introverted and shy girl afraid of authority. Since their job is to patrol the streets of Jerusalem and identify Palestinians, they cannot escape each other.

color, 90 min
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