Jingwei Xu




Jingwei Xu (1991, China) is a film director, screenwriter and production designer based in Beijing. He started out in production design for many different films, television and advertising projects. He began his studies at the Beijing Film Academy in 2019, majoring in film visual design. No Changes Have Taken In Our Life (2023), inspired by life in his hometown with his friends, is his first independent animation film.


Films by this director

No Changes Have Taken in Our Lives

(China, 2022)

Directed by: Jingwei Xu

Ba graduates from college with a major in sousaphone. With his suitcase packed and his instrument straddled to his body, he returns to his hometown, optimistic about finding a satisfactory job as a musical artist. When his father kicks him out for refusing to play for his new girlfriend, Ba begins a journey through the rundown streets of the small, working-class town, encountering a series of taciturn characters both new and familiar.

color, 43' 55"
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