Yasmin Ahmad

07.01.1958, Bukit Treh, Malaysia - 25.07.2009, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia



Yasmin Ahmad was a director, screenwriter and actress. She graduated with degrees in politics and psychology from the Newcastle University in Great Britain and began her career as a copywriter in the Malaysian office of an American advertising agency. She soon got promoted to the position of creative director and began directing sentimental commercial ads. She made her screenwriting and directing debut in 2003 with the family drama Rabun. Her two next films, Chinese Eye (Sepet, 2004) and Gubra (2006) both won award for Best Film and Best Screenplay at the Malaysian Film Festival. She also made Mukhsin (2006), The Convert (Muallaf, 2008) and Talentime (2009), which brought her awards for Best Director and Best Screenwriter. That was her last film as she died from a stroke in 2009.


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Directed by: Yasmin Ahmad

We follow several high school students participating in a talent show. Mahesh brings Melur news that she has been chosen for the competition and from that first moment, they feel sympathy for each other. Melur is partly Malaysian and Mahesh is Indian so he has to hide their relationship from his mother knowing that she would not approve. Another contestant, Hafiz, visits his mother in the hospital because she has been diagnosed with a tumor.

color, digital, 120 min
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