American Night

La nuit américaine, feature film, 1973

DIRECTED BY: François Truffaut

American Night

Jacqueline Bisset (Julie),
Valentina Cortese (Severine),
Jean-Pierre Aumont (Alexandre),
Jean Champion (Bertrand),
Jean-Pierre Léaud (Alphonse)

Jean-Louis Richard,
Suzanne Schiffman,
François Truffaut

Pierre-William Glenn

We follow a diverse film crew on the set of the melodrama Je Vous Présente Paméla. Here are the former diva Séverine who drinks too much and forgets her lines, legendary film lover Alexandre who keeps running off to the airport in expectation of a certain young man, jealous French actor Alphonse who hires a woman he is in love with, British actress Julie who is recovering from a nervous breakdown and many others… In 1974, the film won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

b/w and color, 115 min