Bled Number One

feature film, 2006

DIRECTED BY: Rabah Ameur-Zaimeche

Bled Number One

Rabah Ameur-Zaďmeche (Kamel),
Meryem Serbah (Louisa),
Abel Jafri (Bouzid),
Meriem Ameur-Zaďmeche (majka),
Larkdari Ameur-Zaďmeche (otac)

Rabah Ameur-Zaďmeche,
Louise Thermes

Lionel Sautier,
Hakim Si Ahmed,
Olivier Smittarello

The director plays a man who returns to his home village. We follow the daily life in the village from the hero’s perspective: relationships between the villagers, friendships and hostilities, existing rituals and traditions. Hero’s best friend is an alcoholic who beats up his own sister because she has disgraced her family by leaving her cruel husband. The villagers build barricades in order to prevent the influence of foreign world views.

color, 104 min