Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl

Bruna Surfistinha, feature film, biographical drama, 2011

DIRECTED BY: Marcus Baldini

Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl

Deborah Secco (Raquel / Bruna),
Cássio Gabus Mendes (Huldson),
Drica Moraes (Larissa),
Fabiula Nascimento (Janine),
Cristina Lago (Gabi)

José Carvalho,
Homero Olivetto,
Antônia Pellegrino (based on the book by Raquel Pacheco)

Marcelo Corpanni


At the age of seventeen Raquel Pacheco dropped out school and left her middle class family that adopted her. Instead of her previous common life, she became a prostitute and decided to write a blog about her experiences and clients. The blog became incredibly popular and she became famous as Bruna The Surfer. Even though she still worked as a prostitute, at the same time she was invited to talk on TV shows and wrote a book about her life. This film is based on her book.

Film has both English and Croatian subtitles!

color, digital, 109 min